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Portable Dog Houses...Great for Travelling

Portable dog houses look a lot like tents for humans, these traveling haciendas come in various sizes designed to accommodate small, medium and large dogs.
They are usually made out of rip-stop nylon which has been waterproofed and are fitted with ventilation openings and a "front door" which can be secured at night.

If you take your family dog camping, travelling or to dog-friendly beaches then a portable dog house is a perfect companion for your traveling pooch.

These structures are made to fold up quickly and setup time is usually under a minute or so. They are a perfect way to keep your dog sheltered from bad weather, biting insects and over exposure to the sun. They can be hosed down when they become soiled and many models can actually be tossed into the washing machine. They are available in a wide range of colors.

In addition to sheltering our best friends from the elements, portable dog houses also provide them with a safe and secure place to sleep. Dogs need to be away from environmental distractions, including crowds and other animals, in order to sleep peacefully without worry about threats and being bothered.

Choosing the correct size is important and you should use the same guidelines that you would use when selecting a conventional dog house.

Select a model that is large enough for your dog to enter, turn around a few times, and then lie down. Keep in mind that smaller spaces stay warmer in the winter so if you plan to use the dog house during the colder months don't make it too large or your dog's body heat will have little effect. If you do a lot of winter traveling, you might consider purchasing a thermally insulated model.

Portable dog houses are meant to be used on a temporary basis. If you plan to keep your dog outside when you are not traveling then you should invest in a conventional dog house as well.

Portable Dog Houses

Compare models and prices at:

Petmate Portable Dog Home- - Petsmart

Petmate Portable Pet Homes - - Petco

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