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Select from a Wide Variety of Dog Collars

With so many dog collars available today choosing the best one for your dog may seem a little overwhelming. So here are some helpful guidelines for making your selection a little easier.

Sizing your dog's collar
Place your middle and index finger between the collar and your dog's neck; Your fingers should fit snugly but not tightly. If the dog collar is too loose it will slip off.

Check your dog's collar occasionally making sure there is no irritation to your dog's neck and it is fitting comfortably.

Selecting the type of collar for your dog:

Leather Collars
These collars keep the dog's hair from lying flat and are best for longer haired breeds. These are very durable collars and they wear very well.

Rolled Oil Leather Dog Collar

Nylon Collars
Are very durable, come in a myriad of colors and are great for dogs that spend alot of time in water. Make a fashion statement and match one of these collars to your dog's coat.

Double Layer Nylon Collars

Training Collars
These collars are meant to be used for dog training purposes ONLY by experienced dog trainers. Training collars should never be used as a regular collar as strangulation or serious injury to the dog's neck can occur.

Super Strength Mountain Canine Collars and Leashes

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