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All About Doberman Pinschers Tips, News and Information

About Doberman Pinschers Tips, News and Information

Find news, tips and information related to Doberman Pinschers along with information on dog training, dog supplies, dog gifts and more.

 About Doberman Pinscher Tips, News and Information. : Dog Training : All About Doberman Pinschers Tips, News and Information

May 8, 2006 17:53 - Doberman Pupís tail illegally docked by couple

By David Watkinson

A COUPLE have been fined after admitting illegally docking their pet dog's tail.

The offence came to light after Victoria Walmesley, 22, and Leon Warner, 21, of Chapel Street, Rishton, sold the chocolate-coloured Doberman pup in November 2005.

Accrington magistrates were told that the dog's tail had been docked so close to its body, that suffering in the future, as a result of skin irritations and infection, would be extremely likely.

The court also heard that the docking was not the work of a professional and had been performed just hours after the pup was born.

Veterinary evidence also stated More...

May 6, 2006 11:10 - Dog attacks linked to weather and tether

BY DENISE FLAIM Newsday Staff Writer

The recent spate of dog attacks -- including a rottweiler in East Meadow that mauled a 4-year-old and a pit bull in Huntington Station that had to be shot by police before he could be subdued -- begs the question of whether this canine wilding is more than just coincidence.

While dogs might not get spring fever, people do, and the pleasant weather of recent days might have contributed to those unfortunate encounters between the species.

"In nice weather it's more likely that people are out and about, especially children," said Katherine Houpt, director of the animal behavior clinic Cornell More...

May 3, 2006 15:52 - Carts help improve lives of dogs that are disabled

by Julia Corcoran (Columbia News Service)

NEW YORK -- When Buddha, a robust blue Doberman with a forceful personality, suffered a herniated disc, she suddenly lost the ability to use her rear legs and resorted to dragging herself around on the floor.

Buddha's owners, Leslie and Eddie Grinnell, found the two obvious treatment options -- expensive surgery that could not guarantee full recovery or euthanasia -- unacceptable.
So they decided to fit Buddha, then 10 years old and otherwise healthy, with a wheeled cart to support her rear legs.
But even the wheeled carts that were available were heavy and cumbersome. So Eddie Grinnell, an industrial engineer, made one himself, tailoring it to fit Buddha perfectly More...

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