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About Doberman Ear Cropping

There are three typical styles of Doberman Ear Cropping, these include military, medium, and show dog length.

The shortest cropping is the military cropping which features the smallest ears with the widest base. The second style is slightly longer than the first and resembles more of a bat shaped ear. The show dog style is both the longest and narrowest of the three different cropping styles.

Doberman ear cropping is a procedure that is usually done when the dog is between 7 and 9 weeks of age. The ear cropping procedure should not be performed after nine weeks because the ear cartilage is already "set" to lay flat and the blood vessels are too large. Performing the procedure at an older age can be risky if not life threatening to your dobe.

During the surgical part of the ear cropping procedure, part of the cartilage in the doberman's ear is removed. The purpose of the procedure is to shorten the ear and make it stand up.

In order for the ears to stand correctly it is imperative to have the surgery performed by an EXPERT in the procedure of doberman ear cropping and proper aftercare is an absolute necessity.

Written post operative instructions on the proper cleaning, bracing and taping of the ears should be supplied by the vet which performed the procedure.

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