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What is a Doberman Club?

A Doberman Club usually comprises a group of people who have been brought together by their common love for a canine - the Doberman. Most clubs are recognized and have been registered in the regional level. The main aim of any Doberman club is to provide information. Driven by love and nothing else, the club members encourage people to adopt Dobes and help new owners to understand their pets and love them accordingly. So any club can be looked upon as a large repository of correct and practical information. The membership into a Doberman Pinscher club is open to veterans and newcomers alike. Many of the members will include people who are involved in breeding, training and other activities of the Dobes. Many clubs also sponsor purely social events that give all Doberman owners a chance to get to know each other and their dogs. The dogs are also given an opportunity to play and have fun.

Generally, club meetings are held at least once a month and sometimes even as often as twice a week. Most club meetings will include at least one educational lecture or session that aims at shedding light on one trait or facet of the lovable Dobes.

Social activities that are designed to include dogs are also a major focus of Doberman Pinscher clubs. The entire family is usually invited so that the dogs can have fun in the unfamiliar surroundings while they are in the midst of the people they love. Many of these activities are a test of the pet's training and obedience skills. Clubs encourage owners to train their pets and provide valuable information to owners who face some of the most trying problems with their own dogs. Clubs also provide a forum for dogs that have become prime stock, by hosting shows and other competitions where the best dogs are appreciated.

In a nutshell, a Doberman Club can be looked upon as a support center that has all the most relevant information about this gentle breed of dog. Ranging from shelters, rescue homes, adoption, training, dietary needs and vaccines to old age, health problems and the latest treatments, Doberman clubs are the most valuable storehouses of info.

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